Jah Tribe – LIVE for #musicasalva


Presentation recorded on 5/8/2020, made from the artist's home for the #musicasalva campaign.



Formed in 1986, the band Tribo de Jah, pioneer in the segment, is one of the main names in Brazilian reggae. In this live she will be represented by the vocalist, composer and founder of the band, Fauzi Beydoun. Fauzi was born in São Paulo, lived for three years in Ivory Coast, Africa; he returned to Brazil and arrived in Maranhão, where he met the other members of the Tribo de Jah.

A unique presentation, made from the artist's home for the #musicasalva campaign, where you choose the amount you want to pay for your ticket online. During the #musicasalva campaign, 50% of your ticket price will go to the artist and the remaining 50% will go to the Emergency Health Fund - Coronavirus Brazil.