This instrument, as well as other terms, contracts, policies, rules, requirements, limitations, signs, notes and notices, including the ShowlivrePlay Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) and the Security and Privacy Policy ( "Privacy Policy"), documents that are subject to change and as in force at the time of use of the websites, applications, interfaces, portals and internet applications of ("Services") (hereinafter, all together, referred to as “General Terms”), regulate the availability and use and access by the user (hereinafter simply referred to as “You”) to the Contents (as defined below), as well as limit the liability of SHOWLIVRE.COM PRODUÇÕES Ltda., located at Rua Pio XI 1473, in the city and State of São Paulo, Brazil, CEP: 05468-140, registered in the National Register of Legal Entities of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance (CNPJ/MF) under No. same.

Rights to the content made available

All materials contained in the Services and applications made available by, including but not limited to text, videos, formats, illustrations, animations, graphics, photographs, trademarks, patents, fonts, graphics, color schemes, layout,, visual identity, browsing experience, designs, applications, application interfaces, software, software fragments (hereinafter collectively or in relation to any portion thereof as “Content”) are protected by Brazilian legislation, in particular by the Copyright Law ( Federal Law 9,610/98) and Industrial Property Law (Federal Law 9,279/96).

In relation to the authorized use of the Contents, this consists solely of a license to You, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable and limited, strictly for viewing the Content in the means made available and authorized by, always in a personal and private scope, without commercials. No other additional rights are granted to You unless expressly and in writing by or the legitimate holder of rights in the Content.

We remind you that any access and/or use other than those expressly authorized are prohibited. For example, the following practices are prohibited, whether through action, device, mechanism, software or in any way and for any purpose:

I. remove, alter, interfere, degrade, disable, avoid or in any way modify watermark, copyright, symbol, mark or any other sign indicating ownership or for any other purpose inserted in the Content, or any rights and/or mechanisms protection associated with the Content, as well as filters and access control, including if based on territory (“geoblocking”) or age group;

II. copy in whole or in part, download, reverse engineer, "decompile", "recompile", "compile", encrypt, "decrypt", disassemble, capture, reproduce, archive, distribute, upload, publish, modify, translate , display, transmit, distribute, make available, use data mining, data collection or extraction methods, or “embed” the Content;

III. use meta-tags to extract the Contents, reorganize, store, capture, display, relay, make available or incorporate the Content, including “frames”, “recaps” and “screenshots” in any medium;

IV. commercialize, distribute for free or for consideration, advertise or develop a business, directly or indirectly, from the Content;

V. use the Content in any way to create works derived from or based on it, such as applications, websites, montages, “mash-ups”, videos and marketing or merchandising materials, among others;

SAW. modify, remove, interfere with, attempt to alter any part of the Content, in particular the video players, or any technology behind them. This restriction also applies to any alteration, interference or action that in any way makes it possible, even in a private way, to view the Content without displaying and/or using the applications and video players made available by and all elements related to the Services (such as interface, trademarks and eventual advertisements) or without all functionalities, advertisements and interfaces associated with the Contents being accessible by;

VII. associate or generate any impression, in fact or in potential, of association of names, products, people, companies, third parties or any element with the Contents and/or with, its partners, talents, affiliates or directors;

VIII. use any interface (API) of itself or of third parties for any purpose, including for the extraction, distribution, execution and/or availability of the Contents.

Exceptionally, authorizes the automated indexing of texts present in the Content, provided that they are available in areas of unrestricted access of and do not contain any reservations to indexing, by "crawlers" of search tools of public and free use. exclusively for the presentation of “hyperlinks” in general search results that point to the Contents, provided that this does not violate items “i” to “viii” above, in particular item “iii”.


External “Hyperlinks” do not constitute an endorsement by of the linked sites/environments or the information, products or services contained therein. does not grant any guarantee regarding the availability, continuity of operation or infallibility of the Services and/or Content, nor that they will be useful for the performance of any particular activity. Also, considering the characteristics of the internet environment, does not guarantee the security and privacy of the Content outside the domain of, unless under the terms of the Privacy Policy, nor that it will be uninterrupted, free of viruses or other problems, errors and attacks and, in particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to access and, eventually, intercept, eliminate, alter, modify or manipulate in any way the data present and/or transmitted to its servers.

Security and normal flow of communications between servers

It is expressly forbidden any practice that may harm the image of or violate its rights over the Content, damage its assets, damage or in any way interfere with the normal flow of communications with its servers, the security, inviolability and privacy of the data there. stored and transmitted, including, but not limited to, those that matter, may matter to, or favor:

I. Intercepting or monitoring data traffic to or from servers;

II. Fraud, mask or alter the origin of communications (including but not limited to altering email headers, file origin, data request origin, etc.);

III. Degrade, make any use not expressly authorized or overload servers for any purpose;

IV. Access any data made available on servers in an illegitimate way (falsifying credentials, using third-party credentials, etc.); or

V. Break, infringe, damage, tamper with or degrade any part or security mechanism of and its servers.


By watching and/or using the Content in any way, You express your full and unreserved acceptance of the General Terms as in force at that time, for all legal purposes. Thus, the careful reading by You of the General Terms on each of the occasions in which You propose to watch and/or use the Content is recommended. If You do not agree with any of the terms and rules set forth herein, You shall not view and/or use the Content.

Suspension, blocking and deletion

In order to optimize the availability of the Content, may, including for security reasons, restrict, limit and suspend or block, in whole or in part, the availability and access to the Content. may discontinue the availability or distribution of any Content at any time and without prior notice.

General conditions

In the event of conflicts between rules and instruments listed in the definition of the General Terms contained in the caput of this instrument, rules and conditions on specific products and/or services as made available in writing by shall prevail.

The non-exercise by of any rights or faculties conferred on it by these General Terms or by Brazilian legislation, as well as the eventual tolerance against violations of these General Terms or its rights, will not imply the waiver of its rights, novation or alteration of items and clauses of this instrument, and may exercise its rights at any time.

These General Terms, as well as the relationship arising from the actions included herein, as well as any dispute that arises as a result of this will be exclusively regulated by Brazilian legislation.

The Central Court of the Judicial District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo is elected to resolve any issues arising from the use of the Contents and/or violation of these General Terms, the parties waiving any other, however privileged it may be or will be.

If you believe that there are facts, circumstances or suspicion of any misuse of the Contents or any security issue related to and, in particular, that represent infringement of copyright or intellectual property or other rights, we ask that you send a communication to via the e-mail containing, if possible, your personal data (name, address and telephone number), as well as specifying the event verified by You (in particular, in the case of alleged copyright infringement, accurate and complete indication of protected and allegedly infringed contents with the respective URLs).