Marcos Sabino – LIVE for #musicasalva


Presentation recorded on 6/12/2020, made at the artist's house for the #musicasalva campaign.



Marcos Sabino was born in Niterói RJ in 1959. In 1978 he was part of O Circo, a well-known band from Niterói. In this group, he was with Byafra and names like Fernando Bittencourt, Marcio Bahia, Humberto Resende, Simiana and Marise de Rezende, Marcos' record partners. In 1981, he was part of Guilherme Arantes' band, singing in the classic song “Planeta Água”. In 1982, he released the LP "Reluz" and established himself as a great musician and performer, taking the LP's title track, of his own, to the hit charts, being the flagship of an album that sold more than one million copies. and won him several awards. Other artists recorded songs by Marcos Sabino, such as Leandro and Leonardo, Dalto, Fábio Júnior, Simony, Jerry Adriani, Léo Jaime, Leonardo, Fat Family among others.