Lucio Maia – LIVE for #musicasalva


Presentation recorded on 5/6/2020, made at the artist's house for the #musicasalva campaign.



Guitarist Lúcio Maia, known and recognized as the guitar hero of Nação Zumbi, has a parallel trajectory that shows his search for other musical stops. He has already played alongside Seu Jorge in the Almaz group, with the rapper Rodrigo Brandão in the Zulumbi group and with Marisa Monte on the Verdade, Uma Idições tour – in each of these projects, seeking, with his guitar, to explore new sounds at different ends of the spectrum. Brazilian musical. In a solo career, in 2019, he released the album that bears his name as the title “Lucio Maia”, by the Babel-Sunset label, and in January 2020 he released the second clip of this album, for the song “Palomar”, which has the direction of by Raul Machado.