Bruna Caram – LIVE for #musicasalva


Presentation recorded on 4/28/2020, made from the artist's home for the #musicasalva campaign.



Singer, actress, songwriter, instrumentalist, writer and vocal coach, Bruna Caram has her trademark in multiple arts. In addition to her best-known career, that of a singer, Bruna has a book released (“Pequena Poesia Passional”, and the next one will be released in 2019); debuted as an actress on Rede Globo in January 2017, with a prominent role in the miniseries Dois Irmãos; is a songwriting partner with names like Chico Cesar and Zeca Baleiro.

A unique presentation, made from the artist's home for the #musicasalva campaign, where you choose the amount you want to pay for your ticket online. During the #musicasalva campaign, 50% of your ticket price will go to the artist and the remaining 50% will go to the Emergency Health Fund - Coronavirus Brazil.