9/29 - 11 pm - Febem in City Lights Music Hall

Buying your ticket until show day, you can also watch it as many times as you want until 10/6

ShowlivrePlay presents FEBEM. The rapper is an artist influenced by Grime, a black rhythm from the outskirts of London. Febem has several productions that mix the European genre with São Paulo funk, the mixture became known through the EP “BRIME!” (2020), with hits like “RADDIM” and “TERCEIRO MUNDO”, the EP was considered the album of the year by critics. In his newest album “JOVEM OG” (2021), Febem sings about his perception of cancellation culture, his reliefs, and above all the neuroses of being a young artist who lives reality on the streets of his neighborhood, while living his dream in the biggest stages in Brazil.

The show will take place on City LightsMusic Hall and you can check through ShowlivrePlay from wherever you want! Who buys the ticket for the show at ShowlivrePlay until the 09/29 will be able to watch and review the entire show for up to 7 days after the presentation.